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March 26 2022 11:28:01 PM

Australia doesn’t need any kind of introduction. It is one of the celebrated and developed countries in the globe. Australia for long has been inviting foreign skilled professionals to relocate to Australia to help Australia fill in their job vacancies across all domains.

Relocating to Australia helps the skilled professional in more than the professional can think.

Australia is known as one of the most developed countries in the world. Living in Australia could be a blessing of sorts. The living conditions in Australia are one of its kinds in the whole of the world. Government of Australia provides the right conditions for its citizens to live and cherish. Moving to Australia helps the skilled professional scale up the professional ladder with more opportunities available.

Australia provides education, free of cost for up to Grade 12 for all of its citizens and residents. Anybody with a valid visa can study in any of the universities of Australia. And certifications from Australia are accepted world-wide. Any kind of certification from Australia adds a lot of value to one’s professional resume. Australian universities offer best education and knowledge along with facilities required for the students to groom and grow.

Skilled Immigrants get Permanent Residency in Australia. There are multiple pathways for skilled professionals to enter Australia. Becoming a Permanent Resident successfully makes the skilled professional a sponsor who can invite anybody who he/she thinks qualified enough to relocate to Australia.

Permanent Residents get all the benefits as a citizen does. Australia has one of the best health care benefits. It follows almost the same pattern as Canada’s medicare system. Anybody who is part of this health care system in Australia will not have to pay much for their medical expenses. Contributors to such healthcare system include the Government, Employer and the employee.

Australia is known for its beautiful neighborhood. The communities in Australia are well planned and well laid down. Every road in Australia provides for a bi-cycle lane and a lane for pedestrians. The basic utilities are all well supplied and taken care of.

Australia is a beautiful country with humungous forests, landscapes, water bodies and dry lands. Each of the land form has its own uniqueness with each having its own set of unique animals, vegetation among other things. Australia has been able to maintain, its required amount of forest land and greenery. Australia is rich in minerals and raw materials. The country also produces its own set of vegetables and spices.

Australia is known as a place for adventures. With it having mountains and being surrounded by waters around, Australia has given birth to many water sports and mountain biking sports which the world lapped up to.

Of the many paths that one can choose to relocate to Australia, the Independent Skilled Immigration program or Sub Class 189 is one of the most sought after one. To qualify for this program, one needs to get a minimum of 60 points against 100 points decided on the factors. The factors that help one qualify for the program include age, education, experience, adaptability and language proficiency. Each of the factors contributes to the net total of the individual’s score. The professional who intends to relocate to Australia will have to first submit his Expression of Interest into the Skill select portal. Such profile remains in the portal for a maximum of 2 years, during which time; the applicant can make changes as would be needed. The applicant will get a max of two invitations to apply for his/her PR. In case the applicant doesn’t fulfill the conditions within these two invitations or doesn’t respond to the invitations, then the profile will be withdrawn from the SkillSelect portal.

Sub Class 189, does not need any kind of nomination from any Government or any business house. However, for those who have a nomination from authorized business houses or from a state or from a province, they can apply for Skilled Nominated under Sub Class 190. Highly professional individuals with high skills and aptitude are eligible under this program. The profile of the applicant will have to be submitted into the Skill Select portal through Expression of Interest. Such profile will remain in the portal for at most 2 years of time. Once the profile gets nominated based on the need of the state or province or any employer in Australia, the applicant becomes eligible for apply for Permanent Residency in Australia. A successful immigrant, having obtained the PR can live, work and study in Australia. Such an immigrant becomes eligible for Australian citizenship in approximately 4 years’ time. This is applicable to all streams. The immigrant can also sponsor any of his relatives or friends who are eligible to relocate to Australia. Such an immigrant, however, has to work in that particular province or state or the employer for a stipulated period of time.

Other than Sub Class 189 and 190, there is one more subclass known as sub-class 489 Skilled Regional Provisional VISA program. This is again a point based scheme where the profile needs to be part of the Skill Select program. Sub Class 489 is for all those individuals who would like to work in the regional part of Australia. The applicant will have to first submit his Expression of Interest, in which the applicant has to clearly mention his/her interest to work in regional Australia. However, this program needs the applicant to earn a minimum of 60 points against 100 points score. All those employers whose business is located in rural Australia can provide a nomination for those applicants to help them apply for their Australian PR. Successful immigrants will have to move to the regional area and work for the employer who provided the nomination, for a minimum of 3 years. The emigrant can, however, study in any university and for any course possible. The emigrant is eligible for citizenship in 4-5 years and can sponsor other eligible candidates as would be required.

Apart from these, there are other ways too, how a person can relocate to Australia. There are other sub-class streams which allow an individual on temporary visa could convert to a permanent residency there. XIPHIAS Immigration is registered with Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA) and hence is officially eligible to help emigrants legally relocate to Australia. We provide guidance at every stage of the application and give due diligence for every step as would be required.

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