Australia Permanent Residency Programs 2021

March 04, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Australia, the sixth largest country in the world is one of the top countries providing skilled professionals the right opportunities through their Australia Skilled Immigration program. The country is highly urbanized and provides for a healthy living. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra are all famous cities of Australia which are also economic centers of the country. Although the country faced economic melt-down during the pandemic period, it has started to get back its previous glory. The Government of Australia have a plan in mind and are putting in efforts to implement the same. Australia has brought about a lot of changes in its immigration programs. The year 2021 will be seeing an extensive change in the approach.

Australia has decided to reduce the number of applications accepted under the three skilled immigration programs. The focus for this year is completely on how much the immigrants would contribute to the economy of the country. Australia has increased their search for the right talent through their Global Talent Visa program. Australia has also increased the cap for family visa programs. You need to identify the best program that suits for your needs. Australia has defined the below programs to support families to be together –

1. Australia Partner Visa Program – If your spouse is an Australian Citizen or an Australian PR holder or is a person with eligible New Zealand citizenship, then you would be eligible for Australian Partner Visa program. This is a permanent residency program, obtaining which you could be eligible for living, working and studying in Australia. You can be eligible for Australian citizenship over a period of 4 to 5 years of time of living there.

2. Australia Prospective Marriage Visa program – You can obtain 9-months visa through this program. Once you get this visa, you must enter Australia to marry your intended partner within the expiry of the Visa. This visa requires that you to not be living in Australia to apply for the same. Once, after marriage, you can proceed to apply for Australia Partner Visa.

3. Australia Parent Visa Program – There are 3 subclasses defined by the Australian immigrations to help parents relocate to the country. Subclass 143 helps your parents get permanent residency in the country. With subclass 173, your parents can get a visa for 2 years and with Subclass 864, your parents who are above 65 years of age, can live in Australia as permanent residents there. For each of the subclass, you need to be either an Australian PR holder or an Australian citizen or a New Zealand citizen.

4. Australia Child Migration program – The Child visa is defined for children of either Australian citizens or Australia Permanent residency visa holders for all those children who are living outside Australia or in Australia. There are two subclasses in this category. Subclass 101 caters to the children who are 18 years and above, living outside Australia. Subclass 802 cater to all minor children.

Australia has welcomed migrants into the country since a long time now. Apart from the above mentioned pathways, Australia will be inviting aspirant immigrants through other pathways too. Australia has estimated that there would be a fall in the total number of immigrants to 72,000 in the current financial year. Australia has declared a ceiling of 160,000 applications to be accepted into the country for the year 2021.

Australia since its focus is completely levied on gathering the right personnel who could contribute to the economy of the country, has increased the cap for all those profiles of higher profile and value. Australia has increased the number temporary visas issued. Corporates or MNCs intending to invite fresh talent into the country can do so using this visa program.

The most changes that have been brought about are to the subclass 482 and Subclass 186 which is employer sponsored visa programs. The Business Innovation and investment stream Subclass 188 has been given priority treatment. As per this program, the successful applicant will be able to set up a new business in Australia or invest in a running business there.

The general skilled migration ceiling has also been decreased by 30,000 spots. The Subclass 189 visa program has been brought down to 6500 places this year as the country expects lower turnover of applications for this stream this year. This change has been brought to the Sub-class Visa 190 too. Only 11,200 applications will be accepted on this program. Equal number of applications will be accepted under Sub class 491 (Skilled work regional visa).

Australia has declared 17 priority occupations. Of these, 11 occupations belong to health sector. Australian immigrations intend to focus on candidates belonging to these 17 occupations to recruit into the country. The Skilled work regional visa 491 will be given a higher priority of the three.

As per the declared statistics for the year 2021, of the new permanent residency that would be provided, 50% will be skilled professionals and 50% will be on family visa.

To have a stress-free migration, it would require you to work with the right Australian Immigration consultants who are registered with MARA (Migrations Agents Registration Authority). 2021 is a good year to apply for migrations to Australia since it could be easier in comparison to the coming years. This year the focus would be on quality more than quantity. There is a chance that the migration this year could be less challenging. For more information, you could reach out to your nearest XIPHIAS Immigration firm.

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