Are you chasing your American Dream, Canada could be a better alternative

August 21 2022 11:28:01 PM

There are a lot of restrictions being imposed on the US immigration programs. At the same time, Canada is implementing many more immigration programs which could well be a pathway for all those intending to relocate to another country for better opportunities. Number of immigrants into Canada is on a raise. Canada strongly believes that the economic growth that it’s witnessing has been due to the increasing economic skilled professionals entering Canada. Immigrants relocating to Canada will be awarded permanent residency in Canada. It is best to work with the right immigration firm so that the relocation program works best.

Statistics in Canada Immigrations hove shown a raise in Indians moving to Canada while immigrants into USA are declining due to stringent immigration rules there. Both have for long been the most sought after immigration destination for all those intending to move to foreign lands in search of better opportunities. In 2015, there were only 14% Indians among the number of permanent residents who moved to Canada. However, in 2019, the number increased to 26%. A total of 80,000 plus immigrants relocated to Canada from India. There are many Canada Migration Consultants who are good at their field however, the best consultant would be those who have the knowledge and expertise that can provide right guidance about the immigration program that would suit the needs of the aspirants.

Of the many immigration programs that Canada has defined, PNP nomination program is one of the top programs which is most sought after too. The population in Canada is much lesser in comparison to USA. Canada needs a lot of skilled foreign professionals to relocate to the country to ensure that the work force in the country stays balanced. Thus Canada Immigrations provide a lot of more job opportunities for immigrants who intend to relocate to the country. Through PNP, Canada allows the provinces to choose the right immigrants who can fit in to the requirements of the concerned Province. The provinces provide nomination to the selected skilled professionals with which the skilled professionals proceed to apply for Permanent Residency with IRCC Canada.

Canada’s immigration policies and their system is considered one of the best in the world. They have come up with Canada Express Entry Program in the year 2015. The main intention behind setting up this program, was to ease the work load of Immigration authorities, to reduce the stress of the immigrants and to ensure that the right profiles are filtered. This program works for all most all of the immigration programs defined in Canada. Express entry system provides a scoring system through which the profiles are ranked. The high ranking profiles are considered further for immigrations.

Quality of life in Canada is very good. It provides a health system that is cost effective, thus saving the income of the individuals there. The education system in Canada is pretty good with it being considered world class and accepted everywhere. Education system is free of cost in Canada for every resident and citizen of Canada. Canada’s air pollution is very much in control due to the country following stringent rules in safe-guarding the forest area in the country. The permanent residents living in Canada become eligible for citizenship of the country in 4 years’ time.

The best way to relocate to Canada is by approaching the top immigration firms in the country who are also ICCRC accredited Immigration consultants. Such ICCRC registered firms will have updated information about immigrations in Canada with proper knowledge about the country’s policies. Canada intends to invite as many as 1 million skilled and business immigrants before the end of 2022. There are ample opportunities open in Canada which are ready to be utilized by the skilled professionals in Canada.

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