Alberta invites skilled professionals and business investors to migrate to the province through 5 below mentioned streams.

December 30, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Alberta provides its nomination for all those successful candidates, who get shortlisted to migrate to Alberta through its Alberta Provincial Nomination program. Alberta is one of the most prosperous provinces in Canada located in the western part of the country. The province is rich in natural resources and beautiful famous national parks. Alberta invites skilled professionals and business investors to migrate to the province through 5 below mentioned streams.

Alberta Opportunity stream

Alberta express entry stream

Alberta self-employed farmer stream

International graduate entrepreneur immigration stream

Foreign graduate start-up visa stream

Each of the pathways mentioned above are defined for a set of targeted migrants interested to relocate to Canada to province Alberta. Canada gives credit to its economic and cultural growth to the migrants who have moved to the country and have contributed to the Canadian society in every manner possible. Some have gone ahead and advocated the country for those interested in migrating seeking better living conditions and professional growth. In the same path, Alberta too, invites a lot of migrants who are competitive and have the ability to actively contribute to the society at large. Alberta works in tandem with the Federal government to help immigrants move to the province.

Alberta Opportunity stream is designed for those interested foreign skilled professionals or business investors who are already present in Canada on a temporary visa of any type to obtain a permanent residency visa. This also is used by international graduates currently living in Canada to complete their studies in one of the universities associated with Alberta. The applicants will need to demonstrate their language skills, their education, their work skills, their domain skills and their economic ability to hold on to themselves without having to depend on the public funds.

With Alberta’s express entry stream, Alberta is directly associated with Government’s Express entry pool. Alberta province’s immigration team will have the authority to select candidates in the pool who have marked their interest to move to Alberta. If the applicant satisfies all the criteria defined by Alberta, he/she and their dependants will be granted nomination from Alberta which would increase the score of the individual by 600 points. With this score, the applicant can then proceed to apply for permanent residency with the federal government. In all this, the applicants need to prove their intention to live in Alberta for a given period of time. In the month of November 2021, 100 nominations were issued for applicants who were shortlisted through the Alberta nomination express entry program.

Alberta’s Self-employed farmer stream is defined for all those farmers from foreign countries who intend to migrate to Canada and start a farm business on their own. They will need to purchase farm land and manage the farming business in Alberta. These applicants will work closely with Alberta’s ministry of agriculture and forestry to set up their farming business in the province. The applicants will need to prove their competitiveness in farming and management of farm. They will need to prove their financial standing and the source of the income

Alberta’s international graduate entrepreneur immigration stream is for all those foreign students who have graduated from Alberta’s post-graduation institutions. The applicants will need to first establish in Alberta with Temporary work permit. They then will need to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

The foreign graduate start-up visa stream is defined for all those talented entrepreneurs who are graduated or educated outside Canada but are looking to set up their start-up business in Alberta. The applicants can apply directly by submitting their expression of interest into the Alberta Portal.

With so many streams just in Alberta, it would require ample deliberation to understand what could work best for the individual or their family to relocate to the province. It is best to take guidance from an immigration firm like XIPHIAS, based in Bangalore to make decisions about migration to a new land. XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the top immigration firms in India, registered with ICCRC (CCIC), Canada and has a long standing reputation of helping their clients migrate successfully to the country of their choice.

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