A simple glimpse of Canada Immigrations

August 26, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Canada is one of the most versatile countries currently inviting as many skilled professionals into the country as possible. The country intends to invite as many as a million immigrants into the country by the end of 2022. This includes both skilled immigrants and businessmen. Canada has introduced more than 70 immigration programs through which one can relocate to Canada. Of these immigration programs, Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most prominent.

Canada started PNP in the 90s to increase the number of immigrants into the country. Since then, Canada has invited quite a number of immigrants into the country. For long, USA was always the desired immigration destination due to the opportunities and the pay scale there. However, off late, USA has taken more of a nationalist stand wanting to provide opportunities for locals. Due to this, a lot of individuals who looked up to USA are now diverting towards Canada. It is important that such individuals work with Canada Visa Consultants who are well experienced in the field.

Most of the provinces in Canada provide their own PNP programs. Each of these programs defines numerous pathways to ensure immigration needs of every kind are addressed and taken care of. Each of the provinces provides nomination on behalf of the province to selected immigrants who qualify for the migration. With nomination in hand, the candidates can then proceed to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Canada came up with a new system to ensure the process is clean and transparent while at the same time, ensuring that it gets easier for immigration authorities. This program allows immigrant aspirant to open a profile in the system. The aspirant immigrant needs to submit their Expression of Interest along with supporting documents into the system. The documents include, Language benchmark test results, education certificates, experience certificates, age proofs and any other document that can help the immigrant to prove his stand or help him qualify through the system. This system is named as Express Entry System. The profiles in this system are ranked based on the score that they earn. The score is decided on factors which include age, education, experience, adaptability and language benchmark. Each of the factors mentioned will have a minimum and maximum score that will be given against the profile. Based on the score earned by the profile, they will be ranked. The top ranked profiles are further taken in consideration for immigration process in different immigrations pathways. Many of the PNP pathways are also linked with the Express Entry System. One can clear for Canada immigration through Express Entry system under various programs if the immigrant aspirant has clear documents qualifying him for the same.

Provincial Nominee Program allows immigrations for skilled professionals, Businessmen/Entrepreneurs and students to relocate to Canada.

Skilled Professionals –

Each of the province have their own set of immigration needs to be fulfilled by the aspirant immigrants. This program provides an opportunity to the provinces to choose the right personnel who will fit in to the needs of the Province. British Columbia and Ontario are two of the most famous provinces which are sought after by the aspirant immigrants. However, in the recent past, people have shown keen interest to relocate to Saskatchewan. All of these 3 provinces are economical advanced provinces. Ontario and BC are considered to be the technical hubs of Canada. Ontario is also the place where all political action takes place. Ontario Immigration Nomination Program or OINP invites over 60,000 immigrants into the province through their different pathways every year. Saskatchewan is a province which provides one of the best living conditions in Canada along with providing ample opportunities in the province for one to grow and develop.

Entrepreneur/Business Immigrants –

To relocate to the province, one of the most efficient pathways is the Entrepreneur Pathway. Entrepreneurs can relocate to Canada to either set up Start-ups in Canada or invest in a running business or purchase a running business in Canada. They will need to visit the province where they intend to invest their time, money and ideas. They will have to provide the right business plan which proves their intent in the province. New Brunswick and Ontario are currently the two hot provinces which are attracting entrepreneurs to invest there. NBPNP’s Entrepreneur Program provides immediate nomination for Permanent Residency for all those investors who intend to invest in New Brunswick. British Columbia is another province which actively invites investors into the province. Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba, invite Farm Investors also into the province apart from businessmen. Such farm investors or business investors need to provide solid proof for their experience in the fields suggested.

International Students can apply for any university in Canada to pursue their dreams. Qualified students can earn their scholarship too from the university too. Such graduates get easily recruited into Canada’s working group there.

It is however important to work with the right immigration authority to ensure safe and sound relocation to Canada. It is easier to relocate to Canada, if one works with an immigration firm which is part of the ICCRC Consultant list. Such consultants will have a strong hold on the Canada immigrations and can guide the immigrant aspirants as would be required.

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